Care and Maintenance for Golf Drivers

To truly make the most out of golf drivers, it is important that you keep them in a good condition for as long as possible. Constant use and exposure to the element does tend to weaken a golf club and limit its lifespan. However, deterioration can be held long enough for you to make full use of the clubs if you know how to keep the club in good shape. Below are a few care and maintenance tips that can considerably extend the lifespan (and usefulness) of a club.

Cleaning the Club Head

golf driversAs the one that actually makes contact with the ball, it is important that the surface remains clean and even to always result in an accurate shot. As such, the club head will be the one that collects more dirt than all the other parts combined. Whether sleet, mud, dirt and grass, the club head will usually be riddled with so much dirt in one game and will be usually the first part of the golf drivers that deteriorates.

Make sure that you wipe off any dirt and grime from the head before and after every shot. For stubborn dirt, it is best to use warm water to remove every particle. It is not recommended to apply industrial-grade cleaners on the club head as it might dissolve the surface which ruins the head’s ability to control the ball mid-drive.

Shaft Care

Depending on the length, the shaft of golf drivers will determine how powerful your shot is and how accurate the ball’s trajectory will be. However, the shaft’s length is also a liability as it is prone to damages that will lead to breaking. For every few rounds, make sure that the shaft is free of dings, dents and nicks and clean them as regularly as possible.

Another thing to consider is the metal used in the shaft as they require different levels of maintenance. Being heavier and sturdier, steel shafts are quite easy to clean and maintain. Usually, a thorough towel rub will clean off any major dirt and steel wool can remove any sign of oxidization.

Golf drivers with graphite shafts, on the other hand, will require extensive cleaning as they are quite fragile. Do not use any solvent when cleaning the graphite shaft as it tends to break down the polyurethane layer, making the shaft weak and brittle. Instead, use a clean towel doused in warm water to remove any foreign particle. If severely damaged or worn down, have the graphite shaft replaced.


As the main contact point between the club head and the golfer, the grip of golf drivers must be comfortable to handle so at to make the experience smooth. Grips should be cleaned for at least once a month whether you are actively playing or not. When cleaning them, do not submerge them in water as this will lead to rusting. Instead, have them scrubbed with a brush to remove any dirt and then rinse off with warm water. If the grip starts to feel slippery or unwieldy on the hand, or is showing signs of cracks, the best solution is to have them replaced with a new one.


When not in use, a golf driver should be placed indoors in a cool and dry place. As always, have the drivers cleaned thoroughly from head to grip before storing them in a storage area. In extreme weather changes, make sure that the clubs are protected considerably from the elements to avoid rapid deterioration. This way, you can find them still usable when the weather permits for a game of golf.

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The Science behind Enobosarm

Enobosarm is the generic name of an investigational selective androgen receptor modulator. Also known as Ostarine, it was first developed for the purpose of increasing muscle mass and bone density. This is particularly helpful for those handicapped by debilitating diseases—it was a new alternative over those steroids which have benefits that cannot surmount the heap of undesirable side effects they simultaneously bring. Since it affects both bone and muscle, Ostarine is used for treating osteoporosis, osteopenia, muscle sarcopenia, cachexia in cancer patients, and even andropause. But what is the science behind Enobosarm?

muscleSelective receptor modulators are drugs that affect tissue types differently—for instance, a selective receptor modulator may be beneficial for one tissue type while being an antagonist to another. As a selective androgen receptor, it has the same effects as other androgenic drugs like anabolic steroids—but more selective in terms of impact, as previously mentioned. The selectiveness in terms of effect—since the modulator discriminates according to tissue type—also allows it to be used in many more circumstances as compared to anabolic steroids, which have limited legitimate usage.

The androgens that are usually used—for instance, in case of male hormone replacement therapy—are injectable or in-skin delivery formulations. However, injectable forms are known to spike testosterone levels in blood, excessively increasing first and then leveling down drastically afterward. Skin delivery formulations, on the other hand, allow a more acceptable testosterone blood level profile. With selective androgen receptor modulators like Enobosarm, the goal is to customize tissue response. After oral ingestion, the selective androgen receptor modulator would elicit a response from target tissues in the same way these would respond to testosterone, without the risk of side effects for healthy, non-targeted tissues.

This goal, while already achieved at some level, has not been fully perfected. Selective androgen receptor modulators targeted at muscle or bone still cannot operate without creating androgenic effects on some tissues, like the prostate gland. However, even if selective androgen receptor modulators unavoidably create virilizing effects in high doses, they have been proven to be considerably selective in application for anabolic effects provided they are administered in low dosages. This is crucial especially if the modulators will be utilized to treat osteoporosis in women.

For example, Ostarine can be used to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Ostarine binds with the androgen receptor and then demonstrates osteo-anabolic and myo-anabolic activity. Once the androgen receptor is activated, gene expression is altered, thus increasing protein synthesis. This equates to more muscle mass. In this aspect, Ostarine works in a similar manner as steroids. The key difference, however, is that it does not foster the same growth effect on prostate and secondary sexual organs. Some of the most recent formulations of selective androgen receptor modulators almost exclusively have anabolic effects on muscle tissue.

The mechanics of the selectivity of Ostarine can also be described according to gender. For instance, when used in bone growth for males in cases of osteoporosis or osteopenia, the prostate and testes will be minimally affected, if at all. For females, selective androgen receptor modulators can be used for bone retention, and the stimulation of libido and other androgen-influenced sexual functions without the side effects of virilization—the development of male gender characteristics—increased cholesterol levels, and liver dysfunction, among others.

Furthermore, one of the great breakthroughs made by selective androgen receptor modulators like Enobosarm is that the molecules can now be administered orally. This is a substantial improvement over the anabolic steroid alternative. Most anabolic steroids are not active orally and are injectable. Those that are not orally active have a great tendency to cause liver damage, depending on the dosage.

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How Misting Fans Work

As the lead guitarist masterfully plays his original solo, the crowd cheer grew louder and louder. The concert area quickly fills with a clamouring audience who can’t get enough of the band. After a final bow, the lights of the stage turn off to signal the end of one set.

Events held outdoors offer a liberating vibe. Anyone can scream to their heart’s content when their team is gaining ground or when their favourite band flawlessly plays their songs. Yet the discomfort brought by the scorching heat on a summer’s day can be unbearable. Sweating profusely while watching the World Cup is not glamorous or cute.

In the midst of all the chaos and heat of big outdoor events, there is one type of device that works quietly on the side lines. Misting fans have been spreading cool air for quite a while to make audiences more comfortable as they witness their favourite sports team in action. With these fans, a 100° Fahrenheit stadium can be made more tolerable by reducing the temperature to 80° Fahrenheit or even lower to 60° Fahrenheit. What’s more, application of these fans has grown to cover commercial and residential spaces as well, giving comfort to more people for the past years.

misting fansSo how does it work? The technology of misting fans is simple yet innovative. Essentially, it works around the principle of evaporative cooling. Try holding a wet towel before an electric fan. As the towel dries, notice that the air around the towel is cooler compared to the ambient air. This phenomenon happens due the evaporation of water. Water is a liquid substance and as it evaporates it absorbs energy from the surroundings transforming it into a vapour or gas form. The interesting thing is that as water takes away heat from the surroundings, it results to a cooling effect. This validates the observation around the towel.

To apply this cooling effect in an actual setting, a set of nozzles and high pressure pumps has to be obtained. In misting fans, the water goes through the high pressure pump until it reaches a pressure of 1,000 psi. When this pressure is attained, the water is forced to come out of ultra-fine nozzle openings forming a thin layer of mist. The mist evaporates as it contacts the warm environment. As discussed previously, water takes some of the heat and cooled air is produced. The fan now blows the cooled air over a distance making the surroundings more comfortable for a weary audience.

The effect of misting fans can be likened to a light fog on a cool morning. Water vapour barely settles as it touches the skin. It is a rare experience to get wet when using these fans. Of course, a person’s distance from the fan is a factor in predicting whether someone will actually get wet or not. Take note that being less than 6 inches from the fan increases the likelihood of getting wet. Aside from that, the overall cooling effect is most welcomed under circumstances of unbearable heat.

Water filters are essential features of misting technology. These devices ensure that the water circulated in the system is cleared of impurities and disease causing microorganisms. It also prevents small debris from blocking the nozzle openings, keeping the system running smoothly.

Whether you’re enjoying a live game in a stadium, at a cozy open air restaurant with some friends or lounging around your patio, the cooling effect of misting fans are a welcome treat especially during the summer season. With this simple device, cooling the outdoors can be done in a cinch.

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Reasons Why Live chat support is Better

live chat supportSometimes, people who shop online find it frustrating that they do not have access to someone to talk whenever they have questions about the products and services they are seeking. They want answers in real time and with accuracy. Instead of seeing the would-be customers click out from the online commerce site, many internet businesses have added and installed live chat support facilities. It has shown that real-time chat support has the capability not only to give answers to customer inquiries but also to convince the customers that the company is worth doing business with. For the company, the increase in sales figures is also not the only thing that chat support services can give. It also offers process efficiencies and workforce productivity.

Here are some of the reasons why live chat support has been shown to be better than other customer service platforms:

• Convenience all the way: Studies show that lot of online consumers want to talk to a real-time chat support agent as they are doing their online shopping to quickly answer whatever question they have. A lot of them said that having a chat agent answer their questions before they make their online purchase is one of the most valued features an online business can give to its customers. Inversely, a live chat system that makes the customer wait longer than necessary is a sure way to drive away sales.

An online live chat facility is more preferable than a 1-800 number for customers to call. In most cases, these numbers are answered by IVRS recorded messages with a long list of options that prompt customers to press options on their phone keypads.

• Talk is cheap:  Live chat support has over and over again shown that it saves companies money. This comes both in terms of savings on manpower hours and phone or communication expenses. Live chat has lessened the overall cost of call centers by lessening the cost of average interaction. It has also boosted efficiency by providing live chat support representatives with the function to take on multiple chats all at the same time thereby, reducing the need to employ more representatives.

• Live Chat is equal to sales: The prevalent trend among consumers in marketing discussions and blogs shows that live chat has been proven to generally convert into improved sales. The factor here is that consumers can have someone whom they can talk to and instantaneously walk them through any product or service concern. This facilitates the process and does away with the transfers to and from various sites to get the information that they need.

• Winning through talking: A recent research has shown that a number of online retail sites are providing real-time chat support to its customers. The research also revealed that almost two out of ten online shoppers who talked to a live chat agent spent more time in doing online shopping as compared to those who did not talk to a live chat representative because the online retail site did not have one. The big savings and expediency of service has made the chat support practical for both the consumers and the company.

• Live chat understands: Every company’s online or social media team looks for common customer issues. These issues can be turned into gains and improvements for a company or brand’s advertising. This then translates into opportunities for increased sales. Live chat gives quick access to a lot of customer’s issues. After resolving the issues for each specific customer, the live chat specialists should take note of these issues and forward them to the management so that similar issues can be avoided in the future. This obviously gives the company the chance to improve its products and services to be more responsive to the needs of its customers.

Live chat is slowly changing the minds of online businesses in the ways through which they interact with their consumers. This provides a chance for them to bridge the gap by giving a more personal touch to the consumer’s online shopping experience.

Author Bio:

ApexChat provides live chat support and service that helps online businesses turn valuable advertising clicks into customers.

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8 Benefits of Hiring a SEO Company for your Small Business

As enterprises moveSmall Businesstheir offices into the online arena, more and more entrepreneurs are searching for effective ways to stand out in the competition and increase their profit.

One of the best solutions for their online business endeavors is by acquiring services from an seo company. These firms have effective tools and techniques to make your website more visible and attract potential customers to buy your products. This article will discuss the advantages of a seo company and why they can help your small business flourish.

1.  Helps you focus on other aspects of your company.

If you seek help from outside sources, you do not have to worry about page rankings and link building because the seo company will do that for you. Thanks to them, you will have ample amount of time and energy to focus on other important factors like improving your services and studying your competitors.

2.  They can explore new markets.

With a winning SEO campaign, your company can attract newer markets; allow you to explore the other side of the economy. These firms know how to work their way across various social media platforms and mobile marketplaces, gaining more traffic on your website and boosting client participation.

3.  Strengthens brand awareness.

This could be achieved if you have a top position in the search engine ranking pages. Most users trust websites if its name appears on the first page of the search engine list.

If you are a small business, you need to invest in a good service from a reputable seo company so that you can have a stronger brand awareness and online visibility.

4.  Keeps you updated with the latest developments in the online world.

As a small business that is making its way into the online arena, you need to be aware with your surroundings. The internet is a very volatile environment. Trends and rules swiftly change without a moment’s notice and if you cannot keep up, there is a big chance that your business will weaken. A reliable search engine optimization firm will give you sound pieces of advice and updates about the latest happenings in the online industry.

5.  Keeps your business active 24/7.

Generating ample amounts of organic traffic will help keep your small business active for an indefinite amount of time. That is the magic of search engine optimization.

6.  Gain more social media exposure.

If your webpage has good rankings on search engine pages, you will also generate great buzz in social media networks. This will be beneficial because it can spread across other places online; reaching a wider target market and attracting more interest.

7.   Gain faster results.

Internet marketing professionals understand SEO better and can generate more efficient techniques. They can also create various written content like press releases, blog posts, news and features as well as visuals like infographics and web designs. Since the firm has a team of experts who can work on content production and link building, you can ensure that they can increase your page rank and ROI faster.

8.  Veers you away from plagiarism.

Search engines turn down websites and reduce their page rank if they see that most of their posts are copied materials. SEO firms value their work and understand the consequences of plagiarism. They are experts who can produce numerous copies of online content in a variety of voices and tone without duplicating other people’s work. What’s more, these experts also know how to avoid keyword spamming.

To wrap things up:

These days, small businesses must maintain an active online presence if they want to stay ahead on top of the competition. By hiring a seo company, you will be able to keep your small business afloat online. Their variety of effective internet marketing techniques will increase your website’s page rank, quadruple ROI, and make potential buyers become interested in your products. If you have previous experiences in working with a SEO firm before, share some of your stories in the comments section.

SEO Services provided by SEO Company

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3 Essential SEO Tips For Content Marketing You Absolutely Need

Earlier in the year, millions of marketing agents decided to start decrying the death of content marketing. Even though a lot of people seemed to jump off the bandwagon, there were still some people that stuck around and kept to what they were doing. Those that stayed saw marginal declines, and then a rebound occurred, as they were able to work with the dips in traffic and completely transform things for the better. This happened through the use of 3 essential SEO tips that are highlighted below. If you have stopped working with content marketing and want a second chance, the following can help you not only bounce back but also enjoy long term success. Just remember, you need to take advantage of several components of internet marketing so that you don’t end up with just 1 branch of the umbrella. Marketing with just 1 element will pose serious issues in the long term.

Focus on Unique Articles and Ditch The Keyword Density Gamble

Too many people Content Marketingfocus on the density of the keywords they are using. In the past, you could definitely focus on just words and let them do their best to infiltrate results, but that’s not the case any longer. You will need to work on getting your message across, and that’s it. Don’t worry whether or not you’ve been able to repeat the definitive words and phrases correctly, because that is going to cause a lot of frustration in your overall plan. If you’re not doing the writing, then hire a good SEO firm that knows how to craft good content, without having to focus on just keyword manipulation and placement. The more you worry about the end user, the higher the likelihood that you will reach your target audience faster.

Diversify The Platform You Submit Your Content To

If you’re using article marketing specifically, it becomes imperative that you work on posting to sites that are by and large better overall. Do not just post the work on any directory, investigate which ones are going to give you the most benefit. Not only that, make sure that if you’re hiring an SEO firm that they give you the details of where they will posting your articles. Do not be blindsided by this, because there are a lot of companies that will take shortcuts and place your work on the worst of the web’s directories, and that’s not a good thing. If you’re doing the submitting, then find several pages that are authoritative, and work with them. Also, find bloggers that will let you post and link back to your site. You will find that there are a lot of companies that are doing well in this regard, and you can too.

Split Your Content Up With Subtext, Lists and More

Another way to guarantee that you’re reaching the maximum audience with your content marketing is to make sure that you take the longer posts and make them multiple parts. Not only that, interject the writing with lists, subtext, headers, and more. You want to add a personalized touch to the work that you create, or you will not be able to find leverage in the organic search that you’re trying to gain. Too often, people forget about this, and instead just post as fast as they can to gain leverage. Do not just post at will, take your time, find the good places to host the writing, and utilize the help of a professional SEO service to get more traction.

The above essential SEO tips are easier to manage than you may think. It’s just a matter of cycling through the options and getting some help moving forward.

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